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About Us
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About Us

Prof. Dr. Yahya Laleli, who is founder and owner of Düzen Laboratories Group (1976), has got his specialization in Biochemistry and Nuclear Medicine are, and he started to deal with Laleli Olive and Olive Oil Establishment in 1998 that has left from the early generation of the LALELİ family who comes from Lesvos and Vanya. This is a family business that was established by combining the experience in the health sector and the family roots concentrated in olive oil business. Laleli's establishment is located around Edremit Bay in the northern part of Aegean See on west cost of Anatolia, just cross to island Lesvos. Edremit Bay is one of the worldwide famous olive growing area where the native olive tree takes name of the Bay “ADREMITTION” .Mainly, for oil, the world famous olive oil, is obtained, due to the quality depending on where the olive trees are located, taste of olive, pungency, harmony of fruity taste. Climate and soil determines the quality of olives meanwhile the olives grow. Adremittion type olives present a distinct type of olive peculiar to special characteristics of Mediterranean. Offer a different taste, more suitable for oil production, long lasting finishing due its high antioxidant power. Olive, grown in this area, has an oval shape not larger than 2.8 cm, mainly 1.5-2.2 larger size to make table olive. Oil obtained from this area is silky, smooth green, fresh taste with long lasting peppery taste and strong pungency in the back of the throat!

Our basic principle is the olive oil is not only oil, but the flavanoids in the olive fruit that effect the human health, compose the antioxidant level. Factors affecting the quality of olive oil include the type of olives used, where they are grown, how they are picked, how they are passed, the type of storage and bottling techniques used for the oil. Adremittion type olives present a distinct type of olive peculiar to special characteristics of Mediterranean. Offer a different taste, more suitable for oil production, long lasting finishing due its high antioxidant power. We have more than 50 000 trees around the bay area for organic and conventional farming. We do produce table olives and bottle olive oil under the control of family members by using olive only from our own trees in our manufacturing plant. Therefore, the oil we produce is traceable to the orchard. We process the collected olives in our own factory. The oil produced is then stored under nitrogen in stainless steel tanks that allow the organoleptic characteristics and anti-oxidant value of the oil to be maintained. Then, the oil is bottled only when it is needed, and some of them as unfiltered. We keep every step of our production process under the close scrutiny and control by using our food and enviromental industrial analysis laboratory. We also strictly fulfill the criteria of the Turkish Institute of Standards and International Olive Oil Council. We don’t only follow the antioxidant level (flavonoid concentration) of our production, but measure acidity, peroxide and organoleptic characteristics together with the vitamin E levels in our enviromental laboratory and therefore inorder to present a high quality olive oil with long shelf life.

We produce our olive oils with a minimum impact to the environment which is documented by the “Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)” Report (23 March 1999 date and 0271 license number) approved by the Turkish Ministry of Environment. We collect the waste water and olive sediment in the special pools and separate the sedds and later on use at our fields.

Laleli's harvests organic olives from “Kucukkuyu” orchards. This location is on the most north-western end of the Edremit bay area and on south west facing the slopes of, “Ida” mountains range. Olive tree Olea europeae adremittion is endemic to the region and has been propagated with natural means and by man for centuries. The steep slopes of the region and the lack of technology at the time made it rather difficult to create an organized hand sown plantation. Therefore through antiquity grafting over the wild grown Olea europeae has been the preferred method for plantation. The polyclonal nature of the region creates natural pest resistance and makes these southern slopes of Ida mountain range an ideal location for organic olive production. Moreover Ida mountain range forms a geographical border line between the Edremit bay area and Canakkale, also known as Dardanelles. Kucukkuyu is tied to Canakkale governorship which does not allow aerial fumigation as the rest of the bay area. Within the absence of aerial fumigation, and the polyclonal nature of the area, it was possible to establish certified organic orchards.Organic harvest is done utilizing detailed land maps and satellite imagery to clearly differentiate between the organic certified trees and non organic trees. Organic harvested olives and non organic olives are transferred to the mill at different times of the day in clearly differentiated cases as well as clearly documented paper work signed by both the field chief and resident agricultural scientists. Organic compliant production is done on an entirely different production line. Therefore creating out utmost emotional product of “Laleli” Olives and Olive Oils.

Besides; the cultural and educational activities are the other parts of our approach to the olives and olive oil in order to promote and expand the usage of olive oil in the society. We are the pioneer for the establishment of the Technical High School in the field of Olive Agriculture and Production in Edremit and we are still giving our support by creating the practical training opportunities to the students in order to increase the interest of young people on the subject. We host ten interns on and off season. We arrange many competitions in the primary schools of our region on the writings and pictures about the olives and olive oil and so we award the students.

We are also giving support, in the meaning of knowledge, to the official and unofficial organizations which are dealing with every aspects of olive and olive oil production in Turkey. Mr. Yahya Laleli as a medical doctor participates at very important talks and presentations concerning the connection between the olive oil and human health in both Turkey and other countries with the belief of increasing the conscious of using olive oil