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Privacy Police

Contents of the web

Kendir-Trading strives to keep its website is current, accurate and complete. Nevertheless, the possibility of mistakes can not be excluded.

Kendir Trading assumes no liability for the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the information in its website unless the mistake occurred intentionally or through gross negligence. This refers to any material or damage of any kind caused by the use of this website.


The layout, graphics and pictures,
the collection of individual contributions are protected by copyright.

All rights including the rights of photomechanical reproduction, the duplication and distribution via special processes (eg data processing, data carriers, data networks), in part, reserves Kendir trading.

External Links

With verdict of May 12, 1998, the LG Hamburg ruled that by placing a link on the contents of the linked site to answer for has. This, according to the Court, be prevented only by distancing oneself expressly from these contents.

We have web site links to sites on the Internet whose content and updating are not subject to the influence of Kendir trading.
For all these links:

"Kendir trading has no influence on the design and content of external internet sites. Distances itself from all external contents, even if the set of pages of Kendir trading on these external sites."

This declaration applies to all on our web site links and all content of the pages to which the lead via banners and links.

Privacy Policy

If the opportunity to enter personal information (e-mail address, name, addresses), will be voluntary. Kendir Trading expressly stated that they will not be passed on to third parties.

No written warning without previous contact!

If the content or design of this site violates rights of third parties or statutory provisions, we ask for a message without cost. The removal of one of these pages late-injury protection law Schutzrecht-Inhaber/innen by itself may not be used without our consent.

We assure you that, rightly objected to will be immediately removed or corrected, without the need on your side, the involvement of a lawyer is. The intervention of a lawyer, which leads to the service provider to be fined does not correspond to real or presumed will of the rights holder. Costs incurred without prior contact to be rejected completely and release if necessary a counter suit for violation of said provisions from.

Legal validity

This disclaimer is part of the website of Kendir trading. If individual formulations or parts of this statement are not legal or not in full effect, the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.




In case of any uncertainties which arise due to errors in translation, the German version of this disclaimer is the legally binding one.